Chinar Park Unit- Our Oldest Dental Clinic In Newtown Kolkata!

At our clinic in Chinar Park, we have initiated our dream to serve patients with a happy smile. It is the oldest dental clinic in North Kolkata and the first clinic we established in Newtown Kolkata. Go through our Chinar Park clinic's gallery and check out the equipment and advancement we use to make your smile brighter, whiter, and healthier.

How To Visit Teeth Care Dental Clinic in North Kolkata

  • City Centre 2: This dental clinic is at a 4 minutes drive and 14 minutes walk from this famous mall City Centre 2.
  • Chinar park crossing: From this crossing, the dental clinic is at a 3 minutes drive and a 4 minutes walk.
The Exterior of Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic located in New Town. It is the best dental clinic in Kolkata.
The interior of the best dental clinic in Kolkata, located in Chinar Park. It is well-equipped with modern technology.
The best dentist in Kolkata is examining a patient at Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic. A proper care is given.
The dentist is having a consultation with a patient at our dental clinic in Kolkata for the required dental treatment.
The dentist in Kolkata provides the invisible braces kit to the patient who wants to straighten her smile.


We have been recognized as the best dental clinic in Kolkata that delivers the best dental services to make our patients satisfied with our treatment process.

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